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January 14, 2013
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The two stood upon a snowy cliff, overlooking the city lights that seemed to sparkle and twinkle in the night sky, giving the view a certain atmosphere. Jamie chuckled and looked upward to meet Jack's gaze, who was floating above him.
"I love you…" Jamie whispered softly and moved closer, his nose lightly touching Jack's sending a cold sensation through his nose and face. Jamie watched Jack's face, a soft expression, the city lights reflecting in those stunning blue eyes and the guardian leaned in closer, inching forward until…

Beep beep beep. The repetitive drone of an alarm clock sounded as the time is seven o'clock. The teenager groaned in his bed and lazily smacked a hand on the clock, shutting it up. Jamie sat up and rubbed his eyes, blinking the sleep away before he let out a sad sigh. His dreams were taunting him, mocking him. Mocking the fact that he hadn't seen Jack in a month, he had 'guardian' business to attend to, which annoyed Jamie a little. For all he knew Jack could be off gallivanting with Tooth…Jamie shook that thought away, Jack would never do that. The boy's thoughts were cut short, as there was a light knock on his door.

"Jamie Bennett, are you up?" His mum spoke through the closed door, earning a tired mumble in response. Jamie was now 18 years old and he and Jack were pretty much an item…however that was from Jamie's point of view, Jack hadn't exactly been the best at confirming that. Jamie sighed as the hot steam from the show hit his face and he submerged his body into the hot water, letting out a sigh. The only thing good about today is that it was Friday which meant that after today he'd be able to turn off that stupid alarm clock and just sleep, pursuing more dreams about Jack.

Jamie tried his best to ignore all the noise and morning commotion, his sister, Sophie calling out and yelling whenever she couldn't find something. "I'm leaving now!" Jamie called out, slinging his bag over his shoulder, munching on a piece of toast as he walked out the door, making his way toward school.
All of Jamie's friends had grown out of what everyone referred to as a 'childish phase' of believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny etc. But not Jamie, no he still hadn't forgotten about the night he spent defending the guardians and fighting of Pitch's nightmare.

It only gave him more of a reason to keep believing, the main reason however was Jack. Just his name sent the teenager into a daydream about the silver haired boy. Wishing he could hold him in his arms again, Jamie sighed softly before walking into the school, the halls bustling with shouting and chatty kids. Soon enough he'd be out of here and off to college he thought as he walked. As Jamie walked into his first class with his friends, taking his usual spot by the window he had this feeling that today was going to be a very, very long day.

Jamie had decided to take a detour home, making his way through the forest, the exact forest Pitch's lair use to be located. Jamie tucked his hands into his pockets and shivered slightly as he walked, looking up from his feet he gasped quietly and stopped at who he saw in front of him. A smaller figure dressed in a blue hoodie and brown, worn down pants that looked like they'd had their day about 300 years ago.

Aside from the clothing the figure's snow white hair seemed to glistened in the faint sunlight that peaked through the branches of the pine trees surrounding the meadow. A wide grin spread across Jamie's face as he quietly crept up behind Jack who was perched up on top of his staff, careful to make sure he wouldn't hear, Jamie came up right behind the guardian and gently kicked the staff out from underneath him, watching the boy wobble as he lost the balance he had created ever so carefully and he caught him in his arms as he fell, falling back the two tumbled in the snow for a moment before Jamie managed to wrestle Jack down in the snow, pinning him there, holding his hands above his head.

Jack opened his eyes and blinked, snow scattered through his silver hair and he smirked as he saw Jamie, squirming a bit before realising the boy had quite a firm grip on him. Jack chuckled before he spoke.
"Nice to see you too." He remarked and grinned, Jamie on the other hand was speechless, his heart thudding in his chest as he looked at Jack underneath him, this wasn't a dream. Jack was really back. "H-hey" was all he managed to stutter out. Resting his forehead on Jack's, Jamie smiled and sighed in relief. "You don't know how happy I am that your back…" He spoke quietly. "I missed you," he added and frowned, Jack on the other hand smiled and wrapped his arms around Jamie in a tight hug.
Jamie felt his body shiver at Jack's cold embrace but he ignored it and wrapped his own arms around Jack, hugging him before rolling off the boy and laying in the snow beside him. Shuffling closer so their shoulder's pressed against one another.

"Thanks to you and your snow, I couldn't go to practice after school." He huffed and rolled onto his side, looking at Jack and raising a brow. The guardian just smirked "good, that's what I wanted to happen."
Jamie rolled his eyes and chuckled, grasping a handful of snow and tossing it over Jack, the guardian laughed.
Jamie got up out of the snow and offered Jack his hand. "The house is empty for a few hours so I can sneak you in without any trouble," he grinned and pulled Jack up as the guardian took his hand, lacing their fingers together as they began to walk back to Jamie's home.

Jack looked around as they approached the house and he smiled at the memories, they still lived in the same place. Jamie opened the slightly rusted gate that lead to the house, the gate letting out a stiff creaking sound as it opened. "Same house, same room" Jamie spoke up to break the silence, earning a chuckle from Jack.
"I've never actually seen the your house entirely…only yours and Sophie's room." He spoke as he looked around curiously and blinked "How old is Sophie now?" He questioned.

"She's fifteen…" Jamie spoke and blinked, remembering when she was just a tiny thing, as did Jack. "She'll be sixteen soon," He added and made his way up the stairs "You coming?" He questioned down to Jack and before he knew it the guardian had flown right past him and was now waiting for him at the top of the stairs.
"I think the question is, will you hurry up?" He smirked and tapped Jamie lightly on the head with his staff. Jamie flinched and rubbed his head. "Hey!" He laughed and chased after Jack, wrapping his arms around the boy as he caught him, pinning him again but this time on his bed.

Jamie's room was the same, drawings covering the walls, that same childish aspect about it. However his furniture had been shifted so that his desk could face out the window. (This was only so he could try and spot Jack when or if he flew past.)
Jack grunted and squirmed underneath him until he was able to sit up a bit more. "So where did you go off to this time? Harassing Europe again?" Jamie questioned and snickered a little. "How did you know?" Jack spoke and grinned, nipping at Jamie's nose like he always did, sending a cold sensation through Jamie's face.

"Lucky guess." Jamie spoke and giggled as Jack nipped at his nose, a soft, pink blush cascading over his cheeks and he sighed happily. "You have no idea how much I've missed you." He spoke and poked Jack's forehead. "From now on, you're not allowed to leave and I get to have you all to myself. The rest of the world can live without winter for a while~" He demanded with a smile. "Well, I guess the rest of the world will be living in summer, autumn and spring." Jack replied and shrugged.

The two boys spent the remainder of their time alone talking to one another, the one good thing about Jack being away for a while was that he came back with some amazing stories which left Jamie staring in awe, laughing and just imagining the scene in his head. Jack really brought out the small child that still lived inside Jamie, that personality of his younger self, which he just seemed to have a hard time growing out of. The two of them were busy laughing until they heard a door shut and Jamie frowned "I think mum or Sophie is home." With a huff Jamie got up and opened his bedroom door. "Who's that!?" He called downstairs, his mum answering back in response. Shutting the door Jamie turned back to Jack and jumped onto the bed again with a wide grin. "So, how are the others? North? Bunny?" He questioned and sat back, leaning on Jack.

Jack shrugged at that. "I usually see North, spend a little time with him every now and then," Jack paused "he's doing well," he added before speaking again "as for tooth and the rest of them I don't really see much of them anymore." He shrugged, his eyes wandering to the window. "See the thing is…Guardians really only gather together if there is a threat to us or a threat to the children…Otherwise we all tend to just keep to ourselves as apposed to spending time all together." He explained before chuckling "I always have this strange feeling that one of them is always looking over me though…I guess I'm still a little young for a guardian." Jack smiled sheepishly.
"Young?" Jamie laughed and nudged Jack "Dude, last time I checked three-hundred years wasn't young." He stated with an amused smiled. "Oh well who made you the judge of youth Mr Nearly twenty." He teased and poked Jamie's nose. "For your information I'm actually something along the lines of three-hundred and twenty by now." "Oh, well It definitely shows." Jamie smirked and grabbed a bit of Jack's hair "is that a grey hair?" "Oh wait, it's everywhere!" He exclaimed and laughed, ruffling up the guardian's silver hair, earning quite the death stare from Jack.

"Jamie? Whom are you talking to?" His mum called out from the other side of the door and Jamie responded how he did every other time. "Uh, Jack Frost," he spoke up "…Don't you think you're a little old for those fairy tales?" She questioned, rolling her eyes. Normally Jamie's mum would just ignore it but these days she was getting the impression that Jamie could possibly be a bit delusional. Sighing, she went back downstairs.

"Thanks to you, my mum thinks I'm some sort of weirdo." Jamie looked at Jack and raised a brow. Jack's response being; "well…you kind of are." The guardian shrugged, mischief written all over his face. Jamie glared at him and rolled his eyes, grabbing Jack around the waist and pulling the boy into his lap. This was the kind of thing Jamie always wondered about, they did all these things together, laying with one another, Jack sitting in his lap, not to mention Jack's tendency to nip at Jamie's nose. But no matter how many times they did this sort of thing nor Jamie or Jack admitted their feelings for one another. 'Perhaps he knows I love him…' Jamie thought to himself. 'Not telepathically but maybe he just knows…like he can sense it or something' Jamie paused for a moment at that, another thought escaping the depths of his brain. 'What if he doesn't actually love me and he's just here to humour me…' Jamie then began mentally listing reasons as to why Jack would stay with him even though he didn't love him and the teenager began to panic a little.

Jamie was forced to snap out of it when he heard Jack's voice. "Earth to Jamie?" He cooed in a questioning tone, waving his hand in front of his face. "Oh, sorry," Jamie smiled sheepishly before nuzzling into Jack's neck, taking in his scent, a content smile growing on his face. Jack's hoodie smelled like winter, like damp ground after fresh rain and his skin smelt like the fresh, crisp air after snow had fallen, he was fascinated by the guardian.

During the two boy's enjoyable silence Jack had thoughts of his own, thoughts of Jamie. Recently Jack had stumbled upon Sandy's dreams a few days ago back in Europe, it was quite magnificent sight to behold nonetheless. Trails of golden sand flowing around Paris… However the interesting thing about the sand is that when you touch it, it seems to give you a sign of something you want or have big dreams about. Normally Jack would see children running about and having fun or different kinds of animals but when he touched the sand that night in Paris, it wasn't any of those things. Instead it was a heart. Jack could remember it as though it happened five minutes ago, the golden sand swirling around him and creating a love heart shape in front of him and when he saw that heart he instantly thought about Jamie.

Jack was always trying to drop subtle hints to Jamie, showing his affection by nipping his nose or simple things like actually letting Jamie drag him into his lap and nuzzled his neck. He wouldn't let just any one of his believers do that to him…Then again a lot of his believers wouldn't be strong enough to attempt such things, or tall enough for that matter. With that Jack huffed and turned himself around in Jamie's lap, catching the other's surprised gaze he swallowed and took a deep breath before inching closer until his lips met with Jamie's in a sweet and gentle kiss, the guardian's eyes fluttering closed as he let the kiss linger, all the meanwhile Jamie's cheeks were a bright pink and his heart was thudding in his chest. 'Jack Frost is kissing me! Why is he kissing me?' was all that was running through his head. After regaining his composure, Jamie began to kiss back, softly and a little hesitantly and as the kiss broke the boys both opened their eyes.
Letting the silence dwell for a moment before they both opened their mouth's to speak, simultaneously they both confessed.

"I love you." Jack and Jamie spoke at the exact same time, after a moment of realisation wide grins spread across their faces and Jamie hugged Jack tightly.
"That's it, you're really not going anywhere now…" Jamie spoke and chuckled, holding Jack close and resting his forehead on the guardian's. He swore this was the happiest he had ever been and for Jack, this was definitely the happiest he'd been in a long, long time.
Chapter 1 of Dreaming Out Loud...

I apologise for my awful writing it's been a long time since a wrote a Fanfic. I also apologise for it being really short. If I'd written anymore I would have given the whole plot of the story away ^^"

Characters © Dreamworks
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